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Scales / Time-clocks / Whiteboards


With product lines to service the food industry, material handling distributors, educational, and medical sectors as well as dedicated industrial scale dealers. Kilotech has come to be known as THE reliable partner in the weighing and measurement equipment no matter how big or small. At CBS we sell and service all makes and models of scales, including Kilotech.


At CBS we carry a wide range of time and attendance systems to make payroll and attendance keeping a snap. Track all your employees time on the job with ease using a traditional punch system, or even one using a biometric finger print scanner. There are also customizable online computerized systems available.


Electronic Whiteboards (Panaboards)
Whiteboards have become familiar and effective meeting and teaching tools. The Panaboardâ„¢ presentation system from Panasonic can even further the productivity of your meetings with the touch of a button. By simply pressing the copy button, you immediately receive a crisp, clear copy of everything written on the Panaboard. Meeting attendees can focus on the meeting and not on taking notes. Everyone receives the same minutes, with no miss-communication, no omissions and no errors. And for greater versatility, you can scan the notes directly to your computer via an optional PC interface.